UNWTO Capacity

UNWTO Capacity Executive Training Course

UNWTO.Capacity is a UNWTO.Themis Foundation programme that seeks, through different education and training initiatives, to strengthen and develop the capacities and competencies of tourism professionals in their key action areas, as well as share knowledge and tools in a practical and interactive mode.

This programme offers onsite, online and blended courses tailor-made on the needs of the different target audiences. Such courses are facilitated by UNWTO international experts from UNWTO, UNWTO partners’ organizations and/or UNWTO.TedQual certified Institutions, and co-organised with such organisms or with Tourism National Administrations/Organizations from UNWTO Member States.

The UNWTO.Themis Foundation also delivers, with international experts, the UNWTO Practicum every year, aimed at (i) familiarizing NTA officials with the different activities of the Programme of Work; (ii) giving a specialized capacity building short course; and (iii) strengthening the network of officials.

Target Audience

These initiatives are for high-level tourism officials and professionals from UNWTO Member States’ public and private sector and civil society.


  • Familiarize participants with the UNWTO’s vision and knowledge;
  • Build the capacities and competencies of Tourism officials and professionals in their key action areas;
  • Share knowledge and tools in a practical and interactive mode;
  • Develop abilities for the application of tourism management processes, techniques and strategies;
  • Strengthen and enhance the UNWTO.Themis Foundation Alumni Network.


  • Tourism Policy and Strategy
  • Strategic Planning for Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Sustainable Tourism Development and Poverty Alleviation
  • Tourism Destination Management
  • Marketing, Promotion and Communication
  • Tourism and Social Media
  • Social Media in Tourism Destinations
  • Towards a Smart Destination
  • Risk assessment and crisis management in tourism
  • Tourism, Climate Change and the transformation to the green economy
  • Tourism Management in Environmental and Heritage Sensitive Areas
  • Measurement of tourism's economic impacts
  • Public Use Management in Protected Areas
  • Introduction to Tourism for Diplomats
  • … other topics of interest

Who can request/co-organize UNWTO.Capacity programme initiatives?

UNWTO Member States, UNWTO/Themis Partners and/or Institutions with UNWTO.TedQual certified programmes that wish to receive UNWTO.Themis Foundation’s support in launching UNWTO education, training and capacity building actions.

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