Past events list

UNWTO Course in Ivory Coast from 9 to 13 December on Tourism Policy and Strategy
Registration til 1st December for UNWTO Course in Côte d' Ivoire
Terms of Reference for a Volunteer selection for a Project at Burundi
GRANTS. Master in Strategy and Sustainable Management of Tourism Destinations (SPANISH). UNWTO-UOC
UNWTO Regional Course at Mexico "Gastronomy as a Tool for Tourism Competitiveness"
SCHOLARSHIPS: UNWTO Regional Course “Gastronomy as a tool for tourism competitiveness”
UNWTO.TedQual Worldwide Event 2013
First Meeting of the UNWTO.TedQual Students’ Advisory Board
University Course: Tourism and International Cooperation for Development
UNWTO.Practicum 2013 – French & Spanish Editions
UNWTO International Course Excellence in Tourism Marketing: Social Media in the Tourism Destination
UNWTO.TedQual Regional Event Americas 2013
UNWTO.Themis Foundation Seeking Two Volunteers for Buthanese Marketing Plan 2013-2015
UNWTO.TedQual Regional Event Asia & The Pacific
UNWTO.TedQual Regional Event - Europe 2012
Hotel Energy Solutions Training Course
On-line Master in "Tourism Destination Management" - Scholarship
Application: UNWTO Regional Course on Tourism Competitiveness in Mexico: Tourism Planning and Management
Call of Tender: UNWTO.Capacity Building Initiatives on Tourism Management
UNWTO.PRACTICUM 2012 - English Edition: Tourism Communications and Social Media
UNWTO.PRACTICUM 2012 - Special Edition for Arab Speaking Countries: Sustainbale Tourism and Poverty Alleviation
University Course Tourism and International Cooperation for Development - English Edition
Application: UNWTO Course in Argentina - Excellence in Tourism Management: Public Use Management in Protected Areas
Application: UNWTO Capacity Building Workshop. Adventure Tourism: Understanding and Developing in Saudi Arabia
Call for Tender: UNWTO.Capacity Building initiatives on Tourism Management
Application: UNWTO Regional capacity building workshop on Tourism Policy and Strategy in Qatar
15 scholarships for the course UNWTO-Tourism Competitiveness in Mexico
Volunteer needed to support the Tourism Council of Bhutan
UNWTO Practicum programme 2011
Master Alta gestión en política y estrategia de los destinos turísticos